Respected Vishwachaitanya Satguru

Shree Vishwachaitanya MaharajKalpavruksha is a science of Prayer that has power to transform an ordinary individual into an extra ordinary one. It is developed by Shri Vishwachaitnya swami after research of over two decades.

Disciples of Shri Vishawachaitanyashanaishwar Swamiji founded ‘ShriVishawachaitanyshanishwarMaharaj Upasana and Seva Pratishthan’. He professed that God is for every single person and fought to free the Hindu society from barriers such as caste, status, gender etc. and led many to accept this principle. Swamiji is working for the cause of universal brotherhood. ShriVishawachaitanyshanishwarMaharajUpasana and SevaPratishthan is founded on the solid base of this doctrine. When every person starts to think in a positive manner, it leads to positive society.
Science of prayer means science to communicate with universal consciounesss through our inner conscious. Swamiji has facilitated the use of this science for our progress thus we know him as the Father of Kalpavriksha Spiritual Science. It is necessary to remember Swamiji and to pray in his name for those who want to practice this with appropriate guidance of Swamiji. Just asa particular metal acts as a conductor fora particular element (Example: copper is conductor for electricity), our mind is a conductor for emotions and devotion. You can unite yourself with Swamiji. This process of unification which in turn leads to progress of devotees, is called as worship by Swamiji.
He was first to realize the method of RaamNaam Jap Yagnya. Traditionally only higher caste people were allowed to participate in any Yagnya, but this is the one, in which anybody can participate, irrespective of caste, social status etc. This was followed by Mass SatyanarayanaPooja and many other such programs, which united all the people. Swamiji’s emphasis is on this unity. All His devotees irrespective of cast, religion, status have faith that ShaniMaharajhimself is portrayed in the form of Swamiji. Those who worship Swamiji without any reluctance or hesitation get rid of failure, hurdles and lead a successful life .He is form of almighty ShriShaniMaharaj and this power is active forever. Thus all His disciples are free from any kind of fear and recognize Him as Shri Vishawachaitanyashanaishwar Swamiji. However one should not attempt to test hit power and influence.
‘ShriVishawachaitanyshanishwarMaharajUpasana and SevaPratishthan’ is active for cause of positive societyprinciple and universal brotherhood and the same is the goal of life of Swamiji. He has studied this science for decades and propagates the universal practice of this spiritual science and seeks mass participation in propagation of the cause of creation of positive society. He personally organizes mass prayers for those who want to pray in presence of Swamiji, similarly organizing such activities is one of the main tasks of the foundation and devotees are intimated about these activities.
People are frustrated by chaos and negativity around them but nobody strives to change this. Movement of positive thinking can change this which will lead to our progress, therefore we appeal to all of you to come together and create our own world.